Alien Plants are plants that exist in other planets.
  • A planet orbiting a very dim star
  • A planet orbiting a Sun-like star
  • A planet orbiting a very bright star


Planets outside our Solar System may have orange, yellow, red or even black plant life.The color is determined by the wavelengths of life that can reach them.Stars brighter than our sun (F-type and A-type main sequence stars) would emit more ultraviolet and blue light.In response, orbiting planets may contain yellow and orange plants.If the atmosphere is high in oxygen, they would likely form an ozone layer, which obstructs ultraviolet light.On Earth our ozone layer allows mostly red light through but light from a brighter star would be filtered so that more blue light makes it to the surface.As a result plants might evolve a photosynthesis that that absorbs blue and green light and reflects yellow, orange and red.Sun-like stars and stars slightly weaker than the Sun (G-type and K-type main sequence stars) would emit solar-like light to the surface of extraterrestrial planets so-its vegetation would look like that on Earth.Very dim stars (M-type and    K-type main sequence stars) could have black vegetation to absorb much light as possible.